After the success of the Prometheus Release of CONAN THE BARBARIAN comes a New Recording of the Complete Score to CONAN THE DESTROYER by Basil Poledouris – due for release in December. Basil Poledouris is the composer of ROBOCOP | THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER | RED DAWN | BIG WEDNESDAY | FAREWELL TO THE KING | STARSHIP TROOPERS And FREE WILLY. Recording Produced for Prometheus Records by James Fitzpatrick

  • 2 CD Set with full Colour Booklet
  • Featuring for the First Time the COMPLETE Score
  • The Original Greig McRitchie, Jack Smalley and Steven Scott Smalley Orchestrations
  • Includes Previously Unreleased Music
  • Includes the 20-minute suite for Symphony Orchestra and Chorus from SWORD AND SOCEREY : THE ADVENTURES OF CONAN
  • Newly Recorded in Stunning and Dynamic Digital Sound
  • Informative and Expert Sleeve Notes by Frank K DeWald
  • Performed by the Acclaimed and Award-Winning 90-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and 80-voice CPPO Chorus Conducted by Nic Raine
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