Through our 20 years experience of dealing with musicians, technicians and studios Tadlow Music is able to offer complete, or separate element, recording packages in London. Because we are totally independent and not affiliated to any one organisation we are able to offer the most flexible choice of orchestras and studios.

Included in our packages are the services of:

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
The Pro Arte Orchestra of London
Crouch End Festival Choir


London has some of the finest studios in world in terms of recording orchestral music. These include Angel, Air-Lyndhurst and Abbey Road.

For mobile Classical recording London also has some fine churches and halls including The Henry Wood Hall and Blackheath Concert Halls.

Post production and mastering

Through our close relationship with ANGEL STUDIOS and PICKLES STUDIOS (run by Gareth Williams) we are able to offer a wide choice of editing, mixing and mastering facilities in and around London.

Conductors, session singers, arrangers, orchestratots, copyists

After 20 years of recording experience in London Tadlow Music is also able to offer the choice of the finest team for all your recording needs.

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