The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

CD | Price: £ 14.95 | TADLOW004

World Premiere Recording
Composed by MIKLOS ROZSA
from the Billy Wilder Film of 1970 THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Nic Raine
Solo Violin: Lucie Svehlova
Produced by James Fitzpatrick

  • Special Limited Collector’s Edition
  • Spectacular New Digital Recording
  • Mastered in (Dolby logo) and (hdcd logo)
  • Over 77 Minutes of Music
  • Scores Reconstructed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Rozsa expert Nic Raine
  • One of the Finest Scores from the Legendary Hollywood Composer of BEN-HUR, EL CID, DOUBLE INDEMNITY, THE LOST WEEKEND, LUST FOR LIFE, KING OF KINGS and SPELLBOUND
  • Music Performed by the Acclaimed City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Stunning Solo Violin Performance by the Exciting New Violin Virtuoso Lucie Svehlova
  • Score based on Rozsa’s brilliant Concerto for Violin, Opus 24 (original written for Jascha Heifetz)
  • Includes one of the most haunting of themes even composed for violin and orchestra: “Gabrielle”.
  • BONUS MATERIAL includes over 20 Minutes of Music Composed for Scenes Cut from the Final Print of this Classic Billy Wilder Film.


“Father was extremely overjoyed at the prospect of scoring the life of Holmes. As he says in his autobiography, Double Life, the script had the wit, the imagination and the charm of Wilder’s best films, and I was certain that this was going to be the best of them all….as to the music, I enjoyed adapting my Concerto

This really was a wonderful opportunity for my father to join his two musical “lives” together. His score would have appeal to not only the aficionados of film music but to the more “sophisticated” concert goer. This World Première recording produced by James Fitzpatrick brings to life his beautiful, captivating and enchanting score and in addition gives us a wonderful bonus of listening to the music that father composed for the film that was cut out of the final version. This truly is a wonderful tribute to my father’s centennial! Thank you.“

Juliet Rózsa, Beverly Hills, California , February 2007

1) Main titles/221B Baker Street
2) The Smoke Machine/ Concerto / Cocaine 2:12
3)The Curious Case of the Upside-Down Room* /
Pistol Practice* 5:32
4) Moving Out* 2:54
5) Watson’s Rage / Being Presumptuous 2:22
6) Von Tirpitz Appears 1:50
7) Gabrielle 5:17
8)No.32 Ashdown St. / Canaries 4:15
9)The Rambunctious Canary* 2:36
10)The Diogenes Club 1:29
11)To Glenahurich (Loch Lomond, arr. Rozsa) / The Parasol 2:25
12) Inverness / The Cemetery / Valladon 5:46
13) The Sighting 1:0
214) Castles of Scotland / Urquhart Castle 5:25
15) After the Monster / The Monster Strikes 5:03
16) The Last Act 2:07
17) Ilse von Hoffmanstal / A Certain Royal /
Gabrielle’s Awakening 3:28
18) Holmes’ Morse Code / Eternal Silence / Farewell 3:47
19) Auf Wiedersehen / The End 5:16

Bonus Tracks:
20) Castles of Scotland – Version 1* 1:54
21) Castles of Scotland – Version 2* (Vienna in Scotland ) 2:10
22) Castles of Scotland – Final Version
with Bagpipe Drones 2:05
23) Main Titles / 221B Baker Street – Original Version* 4:22

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