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The World Premiere Recording of the Complete Score to

A Special Collectors Edition 2 CD Set featuring one of the greatest film scores from the Composer of BEN-HUR * EL CID * SPELLBOUND * THE THIEF OF BAGDAD * THE JUNGLE BOOK * KING OF KINGS * MADAME BOVARY * THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES

The Complete 2 Hour Score
Deluxe 2 CD Set with full Colour Booklet including stills from the movie
Newly Recorded in Stunning and Dynamic Digital Sound
Performed by the Acclaimed and Award-Winning City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Nic Raine
Produced by James Fitzpatrick for Prometheus Records
New Score & Orchestration Reconstructed from the Original MGM Conductor Scores by Leigh Philips
Informative Sleeve Notes by Frank K DeWald
Bonus Tracks : The premiere stereo recording of the complete 19-minute QUO VADIS
Concert Suite

Recording Produced by James Fitzpatrick for Prometheus Records
Executive Producer: Luc Van De Ven

“…the musicians were really making music from the very first take …the players were note perfect from the start… It sounded glorious in the hall. Most amazing was the infrequent need for retakes. It is a given that professional session players are good sight readers, but what impressed me (shocked me, actually) is not so much what they grasped on the first run-through as how much they “fixed” on the second. Even the overall shape of a cue – its dramatic peaks and valleys – seemed to be intuitively comprehended by the orchestra once they had heard it.It is obvious that these musicians really listen to each other, a prerequisite of any great ensemble” (PRO MUSICA SANA: A Publication of The Miklos Rozsa Society Spring 2012)

CD 1
1.Overture (Intermezzo) 3:01 [PLAY SAMPLE]
2.Main Title (original version) / Appian Way 2:25
3.Calvary / Marcus’ Chariot 1:06
4.Lygia / Hymn to Apollo 5:15 [PLAY SAMPLE]
5.Marcus and Lygia / Preghiera 5:23
6.Dance of the Vestal Virgins 1:04
7.Fanfares for Nero / Hail Nero (Triumphal March) 4:13
8.Eunice / The Hostage 1:41
9.The Women’s Quarters of Nero / Roman Bacchanale 5:26
10.Third Fanfare for Nero / Assyrian Dance 3:56
11.The Burning of Troy 1:48
12.Fanfare for the Wrestlers / Siciliana Antiqua / Dance of the Muses 4:33
13.Escape / Petronius and Eunice / Chilo 5:18
14.Jesu Lord / The Last Supper / Resurrection Hymn (Orchestra and Choir) 3:44
15.Vae Victis / Caritas 5:48
16.Mea Culpa / Non Omnia Vincit Amor / Temptation 4:09
17.Eunice’s Song at Antium / Petronius’ Presentiment 2:35
18.Marcus and Poppea 2:35
19.Chariot Chase 3:42 [PLAY SAMPLE]

TT: 67:53

CD 2
1.Prelude to Second Part / The Road to Rome / The Burning of Rome 7:03 [PLAY SAMPLE]
2.The Burning of Rome (Nero’s Fire Song) 2:41
3.Tu Es Petrus 3:30
4.Petronius’ Meditation / Petronius’ Decision 2:29
5.The Prison / The Vision of Peter 4:02
6.Petronius’ Banquet Music / Petronius’ Death (parts 1 & 2) 3:03
7.Ave Caesar / Fourth Fanfare for Nero 1:14
8.First Arena Fanfare / Where O Death? / Second Arena Fanfare / Resurrection Hymn (a cappella choir) 3:22
9.Third Arena Fanfare / Aftermath / Hymen / Ecce Homo Petrus 5:46
10.Fanfare for Burning / Incarnate Godhead / Fifth Fanfare for Nero / Fanfare for Ursus & Lygia / Upon These Lilies 2:20
11.Fanfare for the Bull / Finis Poppaea / Nero’s Suicide 5:50
12.Hail Galba 1:31 [PLAY SAMPLE]
13.Finale and Chorus 2:31
14.Epilogue 2:35


15.Main Title (film version) 1:32

16.Ave Caesar (Triumphal March) 4:16
17.Romanza 6:45
18. Arabesque 3:54
19.Quo Vadis Domine? 4:10
TT: 68:43

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