Taras Bulba

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The World Premiere Recording of the Complete Score to

A Special 2CD Collector‘s Edition 2 Set featuring the finest film score from FRANZ WAXMAN : Composer of THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, PRINCE VALIANT, SUNSET BOULEVARD and A PLACE IN THE SUN

  • 2 CD Set with 24-page full Colour Booklet
  • Special Limited Collector’s Edition
  • Featuring for the First Time the COMPLETE 100-Minute Film Score
  • Over 2 Hours of Music
  • Includes Previously Unreleased Music
  • Newly Recorded in Stunning and Dynamic Digital Sound
  • Performed by the Acclaimed and Award-Winning 100-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and 80 voice choir, Conducted by Nic Raine
  • Produced by James Fitzpatrick
  • Score Reconstruction by Nic Raine
  • Bonus Material includes
  • New Recordings of 7 Songs Originally Composed by Franz Waxman and Mack David for Yul Brynner to sing in the movie featuring Keith Ferreira and Voxetera
  • 2 Piano : 6 Hands version of the famous concert work THE RIDE OF THE COSSACKS
  • Alternate versions of Score Cues
  • Informative and Expert Sleeve Notes by Frank K. DeWald with introduction by John Waxman

Recording Produced by James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music

Release Date: JULY 25th 2011


1.Overture (2:09) [PLAY SAMPLE]
2.Turkish Invasion* / Opening Battle* / Horn Call* / Polish Betrayal* (4:15)
3.Taras’ Pledge (3:01)
4.The Birth of Andrei** (2:47)
5.Young Andrei* / The Priest* / Arrival at Kiev* / Students Fight* (4:12)
6.Amo, Amas, Amat* (1:22)
7.Hunting Scene* / Sleigh Ride (2:08)
8.Kiev Street* (2:51) [PLAY SAMPLE]
9.The Thieves Market* (1:31)
10.Pastorale – The Wishing Star (2:03) (Lyrrics by Mack David)
11.The Duel* (3:37)
12.Chase at Night**/ Return to the Steppes** (4:59)
13.Gypsy Camp* (4:15)
14.Leaving Home** (4:24)
15.The Ride to Dubno (film version)** (5:05)
16.Mykola’s Warning* / Mykola’s Death* (2:40)
17.Fanfare and Drums (Welcome at Dubno)* (2:07)
18.The Siege of Dubno** (5:13)

tt: 58:43

CD 2

1.Delirium / Vision of Natalia* (3:20)
2.The Black Plague** (7:44)
3.Cossack Anthem * / Free Men* (1:56) [PLAY SAMPLE]
4.No Retreat* (3:31)
5.The Burial* / Natalia at the Stake * (2:54)
6.Andrei and the Duke* / The Battle of Dubno** (5:47)
7.Finale** (7:57)

*=previously unrecorded
**= Includes previously unrecorded music

Bonus Tracks:
World Premiere Recordings of Songs written for Taras Bulba (Music by Franz Waxman / Lyrics by Mack David)

8.I Lulee, Lulee (1:39)
9.Zaporozhtzi (Original version) (1:08)
10.The Fox and the Hen (2:26)
11.There Comes a Time (2:34)
12.Drinking Song (1:33)
13.He Died with his Boots on (4:01)
14.Zaporozhtzi (Film Version) (1:04)
15.Kontakion for the Departed (Traditional Russian Orthodox Hymn) (4:02)

16.The Ride to Dubno (Ride of the Cossacks – Pianos : 6 Hands Version) (5:06)
(Premiere Recording)
17.Overture (Concert Suite Version) (2:43)
18.The Birth of Andrei** (Original Version) (2:48)
19.Pastorale (Orchestral Backing Tack) (2:03)
20.The Ride to Dubno (Ride of the Cossacks – Concert Suite Version) (5:06)

tt: 69:23

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